Makkah (4 Nights):

Al Kiswah Towers Hotel

Madinah (3 Nights):

Al Mukhtara Golden Hotel


Per person

Makkah (7 Nights):

Al Kiswah Towers Hotel

Madinah (3 Nights):

Al Eiman Al Ohud


Per person

Makkah (8 Nights):

Al Shohada Hotel, Makkah

Madinah (6 Nights):

Al Medina Harmony Hotel


Per person

Makkah (6 Nights):

Nawazi Watheer Hotel

Madinah (4 Nights):

Al Eiman Al Nour Hotel


Per person

Makkah (6 Nights):

Amjad Al Deafah Makkah

Madinah (4 Nights):

Al Eiman Al Ohud


Per person

Makkah (8 Nights):

Makkah Hilton Convention

Madinah (6 Nights):

Crown Plaza Hotel


Per person


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Book Cheap Umrah Packages 2021-2022 from UK with Fly Uni LTD

To do Umrah and discover Cheap Umrah Packages 2021-2022 in UK is challenging since Saudi Arabia has altered several restrictions as it enters a new era of government. Many businesses provide family umrah packages.

Booking properly early at Fly Uni LTD will help you to enjoy a problem-free holy journey to Makkah and Madinah, and concentrate more on your prayers rather than dealing with the hotel or return flights. Make your Umrah groups between the significant lots of Moharram and Saffar, but you may also book later plans, which may cost more in flights and lodging, but you will be able to do your obligation with complete devotion to Allah (SWT). ‎

Why Umrah?

An Umrah may be undertaken at any moment. All Muslims may do Umrah. We provide Cheap Umrah Packages with the greatest services and facilities. Like direct flights, 3 Star-4 Star-5 Star hotels nearby, good cuisine, and luxury transportation. FlyUni LTD offers Covid-19 PCR testing, please see website for details. ‎

5 Things to Know Before Buying Cheap Umrah Packages

The easiest method to choose Cheap Umrah Packages is to be flexible. When you search on FlyUni LTD, we scan several sites and fare sources directly, which most customers are unaware of. So, we anticipate FlyUni LTD to be the finest travel service provider to deliver the greatest package and services for Umrah. What to look for when buying an Umrah package. ‎

1- Pick the Best Airline

We gather data from all airlines. They may alter ticket rates from the UK to Jeddah based on the day and time you want to buy. There are many direct and indirect flights from the UK to Jeddah.

2- Makkah and Medina Hotels

A hotel is a business that provides short-term paid accommodation. Our partner hotels in town provide you with a home-like atmosphere at cheap prices. Your safety in an unfamiliar country is paramount to us, thus we ensure all documents and travel arrangements. Our Cheap Umrah Packages are the most popular for accommodation, food, and transport.

We help you choose and book flights. We are a well-known firm when it comes to designing Cheap Umrah Packages UK and can help you discover the finest accommodation in any of your preferred hotels or star categories. ‎

3- Saudi Arabian Travel Visa:

The term visa comes from the Latin language and means "seen paper". Unconditional permission from a territory to enter, reside in or leave that area. A visa is subject to entrance approval by an immigration authority and may be canceled at any moment. A visa is usually a sticker placed in the applicant's passport or other travel documents. ‎

Umrah Visa

Authentic papers are required for all Muslims to get Umrah Visas. Only local companies approved by the Umrah embassy may provide Umrah visas. Umrah visas are not valid during Hajj. After Ramadan, Umrah visas are closed. The Umrah visa is valid for 14 days or 1 month, depending on the Saudi Embassy. ‎

Visas for Hajj:

Similar to Hajj visas, only Muslims with genuine and legitimate documentation may get Umrah visas. Only local companies approved by the Hajj consulate may provide Hajj visas. The Hajj visa is valid for 30-40 days, depending on the Saudi Embassy. ‎

4- Holy Places Full Loop Transfers (Ziyarats)

If you are going with little children or your family, transportation is a key component of your Umrah package. So, we advise all our clients to schedule transport with their Umrah Package. ‎

5- Guide

It doesn't matter whether you're a frequent traveler, know everything about Umrah, or are short on funds. Let me explain what services you will get if you include an Umrah guide in your package. Initial contact on travel day to confirm meet up spot in Masjid al Haram. If you have any questions about Umrah or Ihram, ask him. Then book an Umrah guide. So, you will make no mistakes throughout your Umrah. ‎

Why Fly Uni LTD?

Alhamdulillah! FlyUni LTD has the most delighted consumers. We provide Cheap Umrah Packages in the UK. Every customer will get the best value for money with us! Our programs are tailored to each individual's needs, and our professional team will guide you through the process. ‎

FlyUni LTD wants every client to be a happy traveler, thus we always travel and vacation holistically. Our Umrah packages are all-inclusive and provide a memorable trip throughout your Umrah vacation. We have been in business for many years and have served many customers and clients well. We provide Umrah trips all year round except during Hajj since Umrah visas are blocked after Ramadan. ‎

Cheap Umrah Packages UK

If you planned a pilgrimage? Get the greatest deals on Cheap Umrah Packages in UK with flights and all-inclusive facilities only at “FlyUni LTD”. From Cheap Umrah Packages to luxury Umrah deals, we have it all for travelers. Our Family Umrah Packages are well-prepared and arranged to ensure your safety on this solemn travel from the UK to Saudi Arabia. We guarantee the finest air travel, luxury accommodation, and airplane tickets for pilgrims traveling from the UK. ‎


Jazakallah Khair, Nadeem & Safina


" We had performed Hajj last year with Fly Uni and I was extremely happy with the professional approach to my requirements. Zafar Bhai did a great job in co-ordinating the entire journey with no trouble from day 1 till the end of our trip, making it a memorable experience. They gave me the best possible price and delivered each and everything that was promised. I will definitely come back to them again and have also referred them to my friends and family. Read More... "

Junaid Baig


" My wife and I performed our Hajj with FlyUni in 2018, and alhamdulillah it was an excellent experience. Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were clean and spacious, both not far from the Harams. Catering was excellent throughout the three weeks of our trip. FlyUni officials kept us regularly updated with logistical arrangements, and were extremely helpful in dealing with any issues we encountered. I would add for a non-shifting package FlyUni represented very good value. Overall we were very happy with our Hajj and would strongly recommend FlyUni. Read More... "

Aadil Badat


" Went for Hajj with Fly Uni in 2018, absolutely brilliant service. Very helpful guides. The company offers various packages and are always welcome for any personal needs for the travel. Will definitely use this company over and over again. Read More... "

Prof. Dr Muhammad Rashid

" Aslamualakam It’s an honour to reflect upon the Hajj experience I had with your company last year. Travel Documents were complete without any further questions asked. Journey was well planned and comfortable. Travel and Stay at Mecca, Madina and Arafat was comfortable. All this was provided at low cast bracket. I would recommend it to all prospective Hujjaj. Read More... "

Dr. Simeen Rashid

" My haj experience with Fly Uni was very good. Journey to Mecca and Medina was comfortable. Stay at Mecca and Madina was good and well organised. I strongly recommend Fly Uni to everyone. Read More... "